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Perugae combines commitment in public and private management with diversity in decision-making positions

Why are women reluctant to fill managerial positions?

Our coaching explores that question

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What drives Eva Peruga

Eva Peruga

Coach, communicator, lecturer, journalist and expert on gender issues.

I like to ask people questions and to listen and understand what is going on with them.

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Wocoach, new method for women

Wocoach, the essential tool for women to choose what they want rather than what is expected of them. A coaching designed for women because their concerns are common and different from those of men.

What is Wocoach?

Alongside women's professional challenges

In moments of transformation.

At the gates of a new responsibility, a major change in professional activity; a new business or political challenge.

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Business is key

Without long term commitment from women, any modernization of the workplace will be superficial. Women should be attentive and make sure that internal and external management policies go hand in hand.

And women have to learn the rules of the "structure game" and know just what role they would like to play within those structures.

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